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Arwen Stole The Stars



Welcome to "Arwen Stole The Stars". This is a fan site dedicated to the movie and book trilogy of "The Lord of The Rings".  Here you will find pictures, updates, wallpapers, buddy-icons, and more!  Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments.  If you do not like this site, then please look on the links page where you are sure to find many more! Thankyou! ~Elwood~

The ROTK Trailer for PC

The ROTK trailer for MAC


06/29: Camp is finally over!  Now that my summer camp is finally over, I can update more often!  I've already added a few new wallpapers and buddy icons.  Congrats to Liv Tyler who is pregnant!  I'm also creating a Liv Tyler fan-site.  It should be up and running soon, and when it is, I'll post the link so you can go check it out!

06/01: God it's been ages! I'm so sorry it's been SOO long!  Well, school is finally over so now I have plenty of time to update the site. :)
And I'm going to start off the summer by adding a bunch of new AIM Icons.  Enjoy!

10/28: Welcome to Arwen Stole The Stars! This site is brand-new today!  Many updates, changes, and add-ons are to come so please be patient with me!  Thankyou! ~Elwood~
(The day the site was created)

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From Arwen Undomiel...

From Arwen Undomiel ::

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